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8 Tips for Capturing Memorable Newborn Photos in Denver

Closeup of a newborn baby's lipsWelcoming a newborn is a magical time for any family. You must have your trusted Denver newborn photographer capture those first few weeks to make it last a lifetime. Here are eight simple tips to help you take the best photos:

Choose the Right Time

The best time to photograph your newborn is within the first 5 to 14 days after birth. During this time, babies are usually more sleepy and pliable, making it easier to gently pose them in adorable, sleepy positions. Plan your photo session around your baby’s nap and feeding times to ensure they are content and calm.

Keep Them Warm

Babies are used to a cozy environment, so keep the room warm during the photo shoot. A comfortable infant is a happy one, and a warm room will help your newborn stay calm and relaxed throughout the session.

Newborn baby swaddled in gray sleeping peacefully

Go Natural

Natural light creates soft, beautiful photos. Choose a room with plenty of natural light. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to capture the gentle rays of the Denver sun, giving your photos a warm, golden tone.

Simple Backgrounds

Keep the backgrounds simple to ensure the focus stays on your baby. Use neutral colors like whites, grays, or soft pastels. These colors reflect light well and add to the softness of the photo.

Minimal Props

Choose meaningful but not distracting props. A soft blanket, a knitted hat, or a small stuffed animal can add a personal touch to the photo without taking the spotlight away from your baby.

Sleeping newborn in beige knits and flower headband smiling

Include Family

Remember to include yourself and other family members in some of the photos. Shots with a parent or sibling holding the baby add warmth and context to your newborn’s first portraits. Your family will cherish these pictures for years to come.

Safety First

Always put your baby’s safety first. Avoid poses or props that could be uncomfortable or unsafe for your newborn. It’s best to have a professional photographer to help during the session, ensuring the baby is always secure and supported.

Be Patient

Newborn photography in Denver requires patience. Your baby may need multiple breaks for feeding, diaper changing, or cuddling. So let them have those peaceful, content moments and avoid rushing things.

Sleeping newborn in beige fabric

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best time to schedule a newborn photography session?

Book it during your pregnancy (ideally in the second trimester) to ensure the availability of your trusted Denver newborn photographer around your due date.

How long does a newborn photo shoot last?

Newborn shoots typically last 2 to 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to attend to your baby’s needs.

What should my baby wear for the photoshoot?

Dress your baby in simple, snug clothing or just a diaper and a warm blanket to keep things easy and comfortable.

Can we take photos outdoors in Denver?

Yes, outdoor Denver newborn photos are beautiful, especially in the warm, gentle light of early morning or late afternoon.

Final Thoughts

These tips will help you capture the best moments of your newborn’s early days in a natural and relaxed way. Follow them and get photos that your family will treasure forever.

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