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Our 5 Favorite Photo Locations in Denver For Family Portraits

Denver is a robust and varied city. Its Mile-High scenery is as diverse as the 2.8 million residents that call it home, and offers some terrific options for family photos.  Denver’s cityscapes provide a bustling urban vibe, while the panorama of the Rockies lends a majestic view. Whatever look and feel you’re going for, Denver can provide it, and more!

We recommend a location that reflects your family’s interests & personality.  Do you gravitate toward a serene, natural setting? Or something bustling and urban? Do you envision a warm, golden sunset? Some locations work better than others at different times of the day. Here are our 5 favorite locations to shoot in Denver.

We’ve explored many locales, both rural and urban, and broken down our list of our 5 Favorite locations to shoot in Denver to help you decide on the site that’s perfect for you.


Late-afternoon view toward Rocky Mountain peaks at White Ranch Open Space near Golden, Colorado

Rocky Mountain peaks at White Ranch Open Space near Golden, Colorado



If simple, scenic and peaceful is your speed, you may want to check out this park.  Golden History Park has endless options and is one of our favorite locations to shoot in Denver. The quaint park and wooden cabins provide many picture-perfect settings.  This historic park has a rustic feel with cabins that date back to the 1800s! The notable buildings include a blacksmith shop, old schoolhouse and a chicken coop, complete with chickens!

The park has a wooded area that seems insulated from the nearby city, like a hidden oasis amongst the metropolis.

It is located on Clear Creek River, which is another beautiful backdrop to consider. The homespun charm can be seen in the simple gardens and split rail fence. Just imagine childhood photos of your children dipping their tiny toes in the water, or stooping down to feed the chickens. 

The numerous options for shooting here make this a popular choice for families with young children who need space to explore. The historic flair of the park lends a slow and timeless feel and makes a visually interesting backdrop for a photo session.

There are public restrooms available across from the Visitor’s Center in Parfet Park. This makes a quick wardrobe change possible, if desired.

There is no admission to enter the park and parking is free, onsite. A win-win!


Red Rocks at sunrise, near Denver Colorado

Red Rocks at sunrise, near Denver Colorado



The stunning views and vibrant color of Red Rocks Amphitheater make it an awe-inspiring location for your family photos this year. An added bonus: admission to the park and parking are free. 

The rugged sandstone outcroppings of Red Rocks can really provide  the “wow” factor to any photo session. 

This National Historic Landmark is just a short, 10 mile drive west of Denver. The panorama of the surrounding mountains adds to the rocky backdrop, and downtown Denver can be seen off in the distance.

Besides the giant rock formations there are endless trails that provide many options for your session. (Although the park officials are very strict about remaining on the trails.) The shrubs and vegetation add to this iconic location and create a truly unique look.

The park opens one hour before sunrise and closes one hour after sunset (on days without scheduled events), so a sunrise/sunset shoot here is always  magnificent!

Did we mention the view?  This is a mesmerizing location for family portraits. With so much space available, it’s easy to find an uncrowded spot that will provide the perfect backdrop for your session.


Sunset at Majestic View Nature Center in Arvada, CO

Sunset at Majestic View Nature Center in Arvada, CO



If you’re looking for a wide open space, this park has it! With over 80 acres to explore, Majestic View Nature Center lives up to its name.   Less than a half-hour drive from downtown Denver, this park is located in Arvada, CO. The park sits up on a hill, making the surrounding views, well…majestic.  We recommend this option to our central Denver clients looking for convenience, above all.

The various types of plant life add to the park’s visual interest, making it a terrific location year-round. However, the leaf colors at this park are absolutely beautiful in the fall!

The park offers paved and gravel trails, which make it easily accessible by a stroller.  It also includes Oberon Lake, which lends a bit of tranquility to the landscape and provides an additional backdrop.  There is a restroom in the Nature Center, which makes a wardrobe change possible, if desired.

A sunset or sunrise session at this wide-open park provides breathtaking portraits. Admission and parking are both free.


The View of Dairy Block, historic block located in Denver LoDo neighborhood, once home to Windsor Dairy, and now a vibrant micro-district with shops, restaurants, bars, and a luxury coworking space

The View of Dairy Block, historic block located in Denver LoDo neighborhood, once home to Windsor Dairy, and now a vibrant micro-district with shops, restaurants, bars, and a luxury coworking space



Union Station has an array of restaurants, bars and shops. This beating heart of Denver is filled with textures, architectural details, and carries an energetic feel. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, this is the perfect location that captures the urban spirit of this great city.

The entire vicinity of LOHI / LODO is full of contemporary details. Each lane and corner provide interesting backdrops for a truly urban look. With the surrounding buildings, lighting can be a bit more flexible at varying times of the day, providing shade and cover. 

A short walk from Union Station is riverfront Confluence Park. This spot has a terrific industrial look and feel.  With the river next to it, it’s a perfect blend of urban meets nature.


RiNo district's interesting blend of urban charm and unique industrial revival makes it a great destination

RiNo district’s interesting blend of urban charm and unique industrial revival makes it a great destination



If you’re looking for something bold and colorful, the Rino District (River North Art District) is the perfect location!  This spot is decked out in vibrant murals and spectacular graffiti art.

This ever-changing part of the city features some incredible artistic talent that will lend a colorful backdrop and metropolitan feel to your photography session. Every nook and cranny of this part of the city is a unique and enticing adventure to be explored.

The options are truly limitless and can range from complete murals to some simple graffiti that will add interest and texture to your photos. 



Denver has plenty to offer in the way of locations for your family photo session. From the lofty mountains, to the bright red rocks and all of the alleys and creeks hidden within the city, there really are endless options.

With so many beautiful places in Denver, choosing the perfect spot to capture your family’s memories may seem overwhelming. However, each of these locations provides a unique perspective, look and feel, and character all its own.

If you have a location in mind, we would be happy to photograph you wherever you would like. These are just a few of our favorite places to photograph Denver families.  Contact us to discuss your vision for your photo shoot, and let us help to make it a memorable and beautiful experience. We can assist you with choosing the best location, time of day as well as making suggestions for wardrobe choices.

As Denver’s premiere family photographers, Twinkle Portraits would be honored to capture photos of your family for generations to enjoy.

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