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Today’s Trends in Baby Photography

Childhood is a beautiful and fleeting time. Each day brings exciting discoveries and adventures. However, the days quickly turn into years, and those brief moments of pure bliss and innocent joy pass far too quickly. We’re here to help you capture each of those treasured occasions with your children and preserve the memories for years to come. With the numerous options available in photography today, you may find yourself wondering what are today’s trends in baby photography.

Photography trends come and go, and change over time. Below we discuss four different types of baby photo shoots that are popular today. From the serene innocence of newborn photography to the exciting milestones of the first year, we exquisitely portray memorable moments of you and your children. We want to give you an inside look at these particular styles of baby photography, and what makes each one distinct. This way, you can decide which is the right style for you and your family.


Today's Trends in baby photography - Baby birthday boy with a smashed cake

Today’s Trends in baby photography – Baby birthday boy with a smashed cake



Your baby’s first year is filled with many “firsts.” There are so many praised milestones, from their smiles and new teeth to their brave and unsteady steps, the entire year is filled with achievements.  Children grow and change drastically in those initial twelve months, and their first birthday is often a celebrated moment for proud parents. This momentous event is a special time that you and your child have reached together.

A cake smash session is meant to focus on just that: the first birthday. 

This photo session involves having your child photographed with a cake on or around their first birthday. The session can be styled to coordinate with your chosen outfit, birthday props, or color scheme. A cake is included for your child to enjoy while we photograph their genuine reaction as they discover that delicious icing.

The session can be done indoors or outdoors. An indoor location provides control of the backdrop as well as protection from any adverse weather. However, an outdoor session can make use of beautiful Denver scenery and natural lighting. Besides, most babies truly love being outside.

The appeal of a cake smash session is the ability to capture the real reaction of babies being themselves. They may giggle, cry or do both. They might dig into their cake with both hands, or gently scoop the icing with one tiny fingerful at a time. You can be certain you will enjoy watching your child’s authentic expressions as they try their tasty cake.

Following your child’s enthusiastic exploration of their birthday cake, you will need to be prepared with a change of clothes and some wipes. Especially if your child was indulging in that cake!  These fun sessions give your baby time to enjoy this important occasion, while we capture each delightful and delicious moment.  After all, you and your child have achieved a lot in their first year, and it should be celebrated accordingly!


Family sharing a moment with their baby - Today's Trends in baby photography

Family sharing a moment with their baby



A lifestyle baby photography session is a wonderful way to feature babies and families in their element. This session is relaxed, comfortable, and gentle. It flows at a slow pace to allow ample time to get emotional images without any rush or outside interference.

The session, usually done in a client’s home, focuses more on the baby in their natural state without posed portraits. Photographing in the client’s home is convenient for parents, so any feedings or changes can be done easily, without stress or feeling hurried.  The theme of the session is the typical daily care of the baby instead of posed images. Simple details like dressing, washing, and feeding are the focal points. These activities provide a true, fresh look at family life that you will want to remember.

Ample time is spent focusing on the interaction of the parents, any siblings, and baby. The session generally involves several rooms, such as the baby’s nursery, the living room, and even the parents’ room. This is a wonderful opportunity to document the nursery that you’ve carefully decorated.  The relaxed pace of the session works to chronicle authentic and organic images with a storytelling approach. These images are artistically and skillfully captured and seek to shine a spotlight on the beauty of each precious moment.


Baby smiling happily at a photo studio

Baby smiling happily at a photo studio



The most common photography session for babies is the classic posed portrait. This session is ideal for babies of all ages and stages.

The session can be done in the studio or outdoors. It can include the parents, siblings, and even the grandparents. This is more of a formal session and includes posed images.   This type of session normally involves specific styling and direction. Detailed attention is given to the baby’s clothing, shoes and hair. Props such as blankets or baskets are often used. Including an heirloom outfit or toy in the session is a fantastic way to incorporate some family history. 

We suggest choosing a focal point and building around it. If you’ve selected a specific outfit or have a beloved toy, choose details that coordinate with it by color or texture. Select items with care and avoid including too many objects that may detract from the child.

We are happy to make recommendations to achieve the portraits you envision and help make the session stress-free for you. Contact us to discuss the details of your baby’s session. 


Mother and baby sharing laughs together - Today's Trends in baby photography

Mother and baby sharing laughs together



The special relationship between mother and her child is beyond precious. This session focuses on that intimate bond and honors maternal love.

This playful session involves fun activities between mother and child such as cuddling, hugs, and kisses. Great care is taken to set moms at ease and concentrate on capturing the real emotions that are shared between them and their child.  During a motherhood session, we encourage playing with your child or perhaps reading to them. Bring favorite toys and books to your session. This is an excellent way to document cherished childhood objects. Think of the session as a playdate for you both, while we work on capturing the magic as it unfolds.

This session can be done indoors or, if you prefer, an outdoor location can add items of interest for your child. Parks that offer trails to explore or streams to investigate will give your child room for adventure. We can provide you with a list of parks that may be perfect for your session.

If you’re wondering what to wear to your session, we can also help with that. Often, outfits are matching or coordinated. We are happy to make suggestions for wardrobe choices. The motherhood session underscores the maternal love and connection of mom and child. These priceless portraits will be treasured items for many years to come, for both you and your child.


Today's Trends in baby photography- Belly time in a crib

Today’s Trends in baby photography- Belly time in a crib


These are only a few of today’s trends in baby photography. In every session, our goal is to focus on the authentic expressions and emotions of the moment and to detail those for you to enjoy.  We strive to make the session fun and stress-free while concentrating on the beauty of emotional connections.

Contact us today to discuss which session is right for you and your baby!

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